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DOT Inspections

Are you an independent motor carrier that does not have ANY DOT inspections on your record? Have you been declined a load from a broker because of it? I have some information that may shed some light as to why you are not alone in this matter. I reached out to my compliance team and asked, "Why do some carriers not have DOT inspections?". According to my compliance team at MCCI, inspections are random and unless you are involved in a wreck, or if there is another issue detected with the equipment that is obvious, an inspection is unlikely. Not having any inspections on your safety record is quite common and something that is beyond our control as motor carriers.

A lot of brokers have decided that they want you to have inspections to ensure that your vehicles are mechanically safe as well as your drivers. However, inspections are random so there’s no way to just make an inspection appear. But what if you go to a weigh station and request an inspection? More than likely, you will get denied as they are under no obligation to give you one. If by some chance, they give you an inspection, you need to make sure your truck is perfect because if they find an issue, it will hurt your safety score and be on your record for 2 years, which depending on the violations and how many can also affect your insurance.

According to there are 2.9 million semi-trucks registered in the United States. There are approximately 680 weigh stations across the country. An independent motor carrier who operates 1 truck has a 0.0002344828% chance of getting inspected. This is assuming this carrier drives every day.

So, what can we do as motor carriers regarding this issue? The answer is simple. Always maintain your equipment by scheduling routine maintenance with certified mechanics. Maintain accurate records of your vehicle maintenance. Plan your truck routes ahead of time to avoid being stuck in traffic at times when you are most likely to get into an accident.

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